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  • July 12, 2020 7:38 PM | Kirsten Lovett

    In today’s environment, proactively managing client and prospect relationships is more important than ever. Despite this, many law firms struggle motivate lawyers to adopt even the most basic sales practices, such as CRM utilization. Join David Ackert, CEO of Ackert Inc. as he presents strategies law firms can use to build and maintain focused, achievable pipelines for a more proactive approach to new revenue. The program will also include preliminary findings from the latest market study on the state of CRM at law firms, including.

    • Which CRM platforms have recently gained market share in the legal industry
    • The factors contributing to low CRM adoption
    • Strategies firms are using to overcome CRM adoption obstacles
    • How to use BD leading indicators to forecast new revenue
    • Recommendations for transforming the sales culture at your firm 

    This 1-hour program will include time for Q&A. 


    Registration is free for LSSO members. Not a member? Join today - membership is free for 2020.

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  • June 17, 2020 9:29 PM | Deleted user

    Join LSSO for a Q&A session with Samantha McKenna, founder of #samsales Consulting and former head of sales for LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Sam will share sales strategies and tips and answer your questions. Learn More

  • June 17, 2020 7:25 PM | Deleted user

    Elevate is recruiting a Law Department Consultant with excellent information gathering, data analytics, project management, and change management abilities and skills. As a Consultant at Elevate, you will support strategic customer engagements for FTSE100/Fortune 500 law departments and US top 100/ UK top 50 law firms.
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  • June 17, 2020 12:16 PM | Kirsten Lovett

    New Initiative to Stimulate Innovation and Best Practices for Professional Services Firms

    Boston, MA June 17, 2020 – Today, the Legal Sales and Service Organization (“LSSO”), in partnership with LawVision, launches the Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Boardroom (“Leadership Boardroom”), a specialized initiative for executives to rethink, refine and recalibrate efforts to strengthen and build a diverse and inclusive professional services firm. At a time when COVID-19 and civil unrest have compelled firms to consider how to deliver best in class services in a complex and changing marketplace, measures on diversity and inclusion offer competitive advantages to those firms that are embracing innovation and change. The Leadership Boardroom will provide a confidential forum for strategic discussions on growing diversity within professional services firms, and to reconsider the most timely and relevant issues executives charged with managing diverse workforces face.  Leadership Boardroom membership is open to diversity and inclusion heads at law and accounting firms and companies that retain their services.

    “The imperative of building and supporting a truly diverse and inclusive workforce has never been more urgent. This is a moment to think critically, to innovate, to act.” says Silvia Coulter, Principal of the Client Development and Growth Practice at LawVision and co-chair of the Leadership Boardroom. “This initiative is about change. About bringing together experienced leaders and moving the agenda forward, recognizing that now – when the full spectrum of human resource issues are on the table – is the time to consider ways to enable a workforce that can take full advantage of the talent and energy that comes from diversity and inclusion.”

    The first of two Leadership Boardrooms in 2020 – July 29 – will be virtual due to COVID-19 challenges and will feature guest speakers as well as Leadership Boardroom member discussion topics. The theme is Diversity and Inclusion in the Age of the Pandemic and Social Unrest, and will consist of facilitated discussions on Diversity and Inclusion as Tools for Social LeadershipGender and Ethnicity – Two Sides of the Same Coin?,  Critical Elements for Establishing Alignment with Clients and Diversity & Inclusion Metrics and Analytics.

    The second virtual Leadership Boardroom will be on September 24, 2020.  It will feature topics identified in pre-conference phone interviews (or online surveys) with new and prospective Leadership Boardroom members and law and accounting firm clients.

    “We are bringing together executives who are defining and honing the future of professional service firms, how those firms embrace their staffs and service their clients,” says Derwin Johnson, a strategic partner with LawVision and Principal at Derwin Johnson Communications. “This is a special forum at a special time. The professional services marketplace is changing. Embracing diversity must be a core element of that change. For that reason, professional service firm leaders who have track records of success within their firms are encouraged to attend.”

    To sign up or for more information, please email Silvia Coulter, Principal Consultant,, or Christine Hicks, Executive Assistant, at LawVision ( to confirm your attendance at one or both of the upcoming Zoom meetings.

    About Legal Sales and Services Organization(LSSO): LSSO delivers the education and resources that lawyers and those who work with them need to improve their sales and client service skills with exclusive research, and tools and information for members only. LSSO supplies the legal marketplace with innovative, groundbreaking events and resources, including the annual RainDance Conference and LSSO's Coaching Certification Programs. Follow LSSO on Twitter and LinkedIn.

    LawVision: LawVision offers customized services that strengthen the professional services industry. Our services cover all facets of firm leadership, including strategic planning, culture challenges, new business development, marketing and communications.  Follow LawVision at and on and

  • June 08, 2020 9:33 AM | Kirsten Lovett
    • Chicago, IL, June 3, 2020 - The Legal Sales and Service Organization (LSSO) and Hellerman Communications today announce the winners of the 2020 Sales & Service Awards, which recognizes sales, business development, and marketing professionals who spearheaded initiatives contributing to law firm revenue growth in 2019. This year’s winners include:

      Sales Team of the Year:

      After Sutherland Asbill & Brennan and Eversheds combined to create Eversheds Sutherland in 2017, its business development teams made promoting and implementing successful cross-selling practices a top priority. The energy client service team in particular, comprised of Senior Business Development Manager Christina Buensuceso, International Head of Clients and Sectors Ian Cohn, and Partners Jacob Dweck, Catherine Krupka and Mark Davenport, identified a global energy client and developed a methodical plan to grow the client relationship across multiple practice areas on a global scale. The plan consisted of detailed communications with the client through internal team calls, client meetings, and in-person client satisfaction interviews. The client service team, and the other attorneys and business professionals that support this client relationship, were ultimately able to take the client from two to eight service lines and increased the total amount of matters handled in the U.S. by 38% and abroad by 36% over the past two years.

      Eversheds Sutherland also became a pioneer in the Business Development Company (BDC) space, launching the first-of-its-kind BDC Roundtable in 2002 to share information because of the complete lack thereof beforehand. This sales team, comprised of Business Development Manager Samira Willis, Senior Business Development Coordinator Emily Johnson, Events Manager Ebony Hunter, Events Coordinator Kathleen Waddell, and Senior Digital Marketing and Technology Specialist John Beck, under the leadership of Partners Steve Boehm and Cynthia Krus, made significant changes to critically enhance the 17th annual 2019 BDC Roundtable. By revamping the sponsorship program, the BDC business development and marketing team increased sponsorship intake for the event by 43%, allowing for an enhanced event experience for attendees, and increased attendance by 10% from the year prior. The BDC team also launched a BDC industry app, which provides up-to-date information on the BDC market, regulatory news, developments, and other pertinent information from Eversheds Sutherland. Read more

      An Honorable Mention is being awarded to Womble Bond Dickinson’s entire Client Development Team for turning the firm’s participation in the 2019 Association of Corporate Council (ACC) Meeting, through a live In-House Roundhouse Podcast and coordinated on-site sales strategy, into a pitch meeting for a potential new client.

      Sales & Service Executive of the Year:

      Carolyn Rumpf Sandano joined Stroock & Stroock & Lavan as the Business Development Manager for the Real Estate group in February 2019. In just 10 months, Carolyn was able to revamp all approaches to business development and marketing for the real estate team. In addition to overseeing the development of a task force related to the New York City Climate Mobilization Act, Carolyn also supervised the formation of a cross-disciplinary PropTech practice and has implemented a streamlined approach to client services, business development, and media relations.

      Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer Trish Lilley says, “While getting the team ‘on board’ with a coordinated method for business development may not always garner loads of fanfare initially, it is a requirement for a strong and effective market-facing approach.” Read more

      An Honorable Mention is being awarded to Michael Mellor, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer at Pryor Cashman, for his 20-year career in professional services business development and marketing. In his five years at the firm, Mike has successfully campaigned to ditch the pitch and has shifted the attorney mindset to one of value creation and advancing the conversation. During this time, he transformed his role and the firm’s perception of marketing and business development from a cost center to a revenue generating center - achieving measurable results and revenue.

      Partner Ali Panjwani says, “In over 15 years of practice, Mike is one of the most talented business development professionals I have had the good fortune to work with. He is often my first sounding board for new initiatives. He has keen perception and an ability to cut through the noise to identify opportunities, and then boundless creativity in exploring different ways to capitalize on them. That, paired with a true passion for his craft, make Mike an absolute pleasure to work with.”

      The following professionals served on the judge’s panel to select these award winners:

      • David Bowerman, Deloitte
      • Ron Gendron, Workday
      • John Hellerman, Hellerman Communications
      • Samantha McKenna, #samsales Consulting

    The awards are typically presented at the annual RainDance Conference, which is now a series of web briefings due to the ongoing pandemic. In addition to considering these conference programs, please also consider attending a virtual roundtable on June 11, 2020 at 12:00pm ET with this year’s Sales & Service Award winners as they discuss the aforementioned campaigns, strategies, and tactics to support your ongoing sales efforts.

    Entries for the 2021 edition of the awards will open in December 2020.

    About LSSO:

    LSSO delivers the education and resources that lawyers and those who work with them need to improve their sales and client service skills with exclusive research, and tools and information for members only. LSSO supplies the legal marketplace with innovative, groundbreaking events and resources, including the annual RainDance Conference and LSSO's Coaching Certification Programs. Follow LSSO on Twitter and LinkedIn.

    About Hellerman Communications:

    Hellerman Communications is an award-winning corporate communications agency that specializes in positioning professionals to win business and navigate crises. With expertise in strategic marketing & content development, crisis & litigation communications, and social influencer & stakeholder relations, we help the world’s most elite professionals and their firms build and protect their most lucrative relationships. Connect with Hellerman Communications by email or on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn or Instagram.


  • June 05, 2020 3:47 PM | Kirsten Lovett

    Join LSSO and Hellerman Communications for a discussion with the 2020 Sales & Service Award winners. The awards recognize sales, business development, and marketing professionals who spearheaded initiatives contributing to law firm revenue growth in 2019.

    • June 11, 2020
    • 12:00 - 1:00 pm EST
    • Zoom Webinar


    Thank you to our 2020 sponsor

    Hellerman Communications is an award-winning corporate communications agency that specializes in positioning professionals to win business and navigate crises. With expertise in strategic marketing & content development, crisis & litigation communications, and social influencer & stakeholder relations, we help the world’s most elite professionals and their firms build and protect their most lucrative relationships. Connect with Hellerman Communications by email or on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn or Instagram.

  • May 22, 2020 11:22 AM | Kirsten Lovett

    Dear LSSO Community,

    We are offering free memberships to LSSO for 2020. During this time, access to information and a network of peers is more important than ever. We hope you will take advantage of LSSO's resources and join today.

    Current LSSO members, we will be extending your memberships through the end of the year.

    Be well and we hope to see you at an upcoming RainDance 2020 Web Briefing.

    The LSSO Team

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  • May 21, 2020 11:59 AM | Deleted user

    By Eric Fletcher

    Virtually every lawyer I know would pay a lot for an efficient way to connect with qualified leads. The possibility of a steady stream of new clients is the ultimate siren song of marketing strategies and technology platforms.

    Given the impact of COVID 19 on many traditional ways of connecting with the market, the idea of a system that delivers new prospects may have increased appeal.

    But we should tread carefully as we explore expanded marketing communication efforts. (Do minimal research and you’ll see multiple in-house counsel saying enough with all the alerts.

    Sure...visibility is valuable. Subscribers, friends, fans and followers are assets. SEO and web traffic is important. But all are of little value if a strategy does not provide for a connection that leads to an engagement.

    And a solution that delivers on the promise has historically seemed elusive for most lawyers. So I get it if skepticism runs high.

    Lead Generation: Hype or Real?

    It is possible for marketing efforts to open doors and purposely instigate conversations that result in new client relationships — including the kind that bring highly profitable and sophisticated work.

    Here s the catch. These relationships are decidedly not the byproduct of playing a communication numbers game, employing the genius of automation or a one-off initiative.

    But there is a formula that helps build a pipeline that will deliver measurable organic growth.

    Here are the four required building blocks.

    1. Identify Targets

    This is the foundation of an efficient professional services sales initiative. No matter how creative or eloquent or persistent, cast a marketing effort out there hoping to connect with anyone who needs a lawyer, and you will continue to be frustrated and wrestle with questions of ROI. Bank on the belief that prospects will knock on your door simply because of your firm s name, and you re tossing resources into the wind.

    On the other hand, invest in identifying targets for whom your firm’s/individual lawyer’s services are especially relevant, and your outreach can become a critical link in the sales process.

    If naming specific targets is problematic, it is time to put the brakes on your plan and dive into the work of Target Identification.

    2. Become Relevant

    This is about understanding the business issues faced by the target. In consultant-speak, know what keeps your target up at night. In plain English — what causes stress, is a drain on resources, impacts profitability, and threatens existence. Become relevant in these areas and you have a shot at being deemed valuable by the prospect.

    (Sound familiar? Clients have been telling us this for years.)

    Insist on turning every communique into pitch that is all about you, and risk being relegated to market noise — where every message looks and sounds the same — and where there is a shrinking pool of quality prospects.

    3. Deliver Value

    With a clear understanding of what your target cares about, the way to differentiate an effort and prompt prospects to take action is to deliver value around this issue(s).

    Let’s face it...this is where marketing efforts often go awry because we go to the marketplace with what we deem to be valuable. Our message. Our offering. Our answers. When a neighbor’s house is on fire, listing all the features of your property is not the best way to engage in a conversation.

    And today many of our best prospects feel they are stranded in the middle of a burning platform.

    Effective lead generation — that is, a productive on-going connection and conversation with a qualified target — is initiated by delivering something the target defines as valuable.

    4. Keep the Conversation Going

    In what endeavor of consequence does delivering a message once get the job done?

    A healthy pipeline keeps the conversation going.

    Wherever a go-to-market strategy does not include intentional, strategic and personal follow up, the effort will most likely be one more less-than-productive initiative.

    The nature of the follow up will vary depending on the situation. But without on-going dialogue, the market is left to do the hard work — identify what differentiates you from the competitor, and beat a path to your door…undistracted by the messages and promises of competitors. The deck is stacked against you.

    These are the four keys to building a pipeline of predictable sales. How you personalize and wrap them will vary widely. This is where the innovation and creativity of professional marketers comes into play.

    Think of these four ideas as strategic cornerstones, and find creative ways to apply them as you relate to a marketplace reshaped by COVID-19.

    Eric Fletcher, Eric Fletcher Consulting

    Eric helps lawyers, accountants and other professional service providers design communication, marketing & growth strategies. He is an author, a TEDx speaker and proud dad.
    He resides in Austin, TX.

  • May 06, 2020 6:25 PM | Deleted user

    The Legal Sales and Service Organization (LSSO) has chosen a panel of four highly respected judges who will be evaluating and selecting the winners for the 2020 Sales & Service Awards. The awards recognize the efforts and results of individuals and teams who have spearheaded initiatives contributing to law firm revenue growth.

    The judges’ panel includes:

    Winners will be announced live on June 3, 2020. 

    "As sales and client service positions evolve in the legal industry, it's important that we highlight their work and impact on the bottom line. We have gathered some of the original movers and shakers as judges to help us identify the leaders in this space. Stay tuned for the professionals and projects that are selected, and plan to attend 
    LSSO's RainDance to learn more." 

    John HellermanHellerman Communications


  • May 06, 2020 1:36 PM | Kirsten Lovett

    We are excited to announce RainDance 2020 Web Briefings, a series of virtual educational programs produced by LSSO and our partners. Please join us online and we look forward to seeing everyone at RainDance 2021.

    May 20, 2020

    1:30 pm EDT

    Identifying Business Indicators that Lead to Legal Work

    The rapid and drastic changes in the business landscape have law firms scrambling to figure out which practices are most relevant and aligning resources accordingly.

    Join your LSSO peers for a virtual workshop focused on tracking the path of business indicators to legal issues and using this client intelligence to drive your business development and marketing efforts.

    Learn more and register here


    Stacy Zinken, Senior Director of Client Success, Manzama

    Kristie Robertson, Director of Intelligence Services, Manzama

    May 27, 2020

    1:30 pm EDT

    ABM in the Era of COVID-19: Strategies to Consider

    During these trying and uncertain times, it's especially important to consider collaboration and innovation within your firm. While we are certainly not suggesting a marketing revamp, now is the perfect time to thoughtfully implement changes to your approach. In this session, we'll discuss the basics of account-based marketing (ABM), why you should execute an ABM strategy and how to get started.


    Nick Herbert, Director of Enterprise Business Development, Vuture

    Learn more and register here

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