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RainDance 2020 Web Briefings: Identifying Business Indicators that Lead to Legal Work

  • May 20, 2020
  • 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
  • Virtual Workshop

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The rapid and drastic changes in the business landscape have law firms scrambling to figure out which practices are most relevant and aligning resources accordingly.

Join your LSSO peers for a virtual workshop focused on tracking the path of business indicators to legal issues and using this client intelligence to drive your business development and marketing efforts. A Cause & Effect Framework is helpful in making these connections. What is the client focused on (Cause) and what types of legal needs will be needed to support them (Effect)?

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Questions to ask lawyers to help you better understand their practices.
  • Cause & Effect Framework to follow the path of business issues to legal needs.
  • Client intelligence and research strategies to support uncovering opportunities in a volatile market.
  • Strategies to predict future legal needs and position the firm.

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Senior Director of Client Success, Manzama

Stacy brings 20 years of legal marketing and business development experience to her role as Senior Director of Client Success at Manzama. Before joining Manzama, Stacy served as a director of business development at a global law firm affiliation and as a marketing manager at a large regional law firm. 

She has built a strong reputation for successfully working across various levels of leadership, departments and lawyers to build consensus around and execute on key strategies and programs to support client and business development. 


Director of Intelligence Services, Manzama

About Manzama:

Since 2010, Manzama has been the leading provider of current awareness and market intelligence to professional service organizations around the globe. With intuitive search and sharing tools, user-friendly implementation, and integrations into numerous best-in-class third-party platforms, the Manzama Base and Manzama Insight platforms automate the process of finding and sharing critical business insights. Using sophisticated search algorithms and cutting-edge machine learning techniques, Manzama delivers highly customized news and information that helps teams better serve their clients, make informed business decisions, and support knowledge and business development initiatives.


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