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** 2018 Legal Sales and Service Award Winner**

  • Sales & Marketing Collaboration Team of the Year Award – Orrick's GDPR Global Marketing Team
          Read more about Orrick's GDPR initiative
  • Sales & Service Executive of the Year – Kristen Leis, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer at Parker Poe
          Read more about Kristen Leis

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Nominations for the 2019 LSSO Awards Program will open in January 2019.

2018 Award Winners' Initiatives

Sales & Collaboration Team of the Year Award - Orrick


Orrick saw the enactment of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as an opportunity to provide an innovative value-added service to its clients. There was a need to use an innovative market solution to help its clients meet the challenge – to get their attention and encourage them to reach out to Orrick on this issue – and it became clear that the usual methods of outreach – blog posts, CLEs, pitches – would not suffice. 

Orrick created a global marketing campaign based on innovation involving collaboration between eight departments: (1) Lawyer, (2) Strategic Marketing & Business Development, (3) Sales, (4) Knowledge Management, (5) Communications, (6) Digital Marketing, (7) Regional Marketing (Sales, Business Development) and (8) Technology.

The team wanted to use technology to create an innovative market solution that would make Europe’s new privacy law accessible. Orrick’s GDPR Global Marketing Campaign had 3 goals: (1) raise Orrick’s EU profile as the go-to firm for data privacy; (2) increase lawyer engagement with their clients and contacts and (3) win new client retentions using the GDPR Tool as a value add. 

The team also sought to demonstrate the value of marketing/sales campaigns, over random acts of marketing/sales, and create a blueprint and inspiration for future innovation and marketing/sales campaigns at Orrick.

See Orrick’s GDPR Readiness Assessment Tool.


The tool, with its engaging and innovative technology, succeeded beyond Orrick’s expectations in raising the profile of its practice and ultimately driving business to the firm.

Additional measurable results include:

  • Numerous media placements including Wall Street Journal, Asia Business Law Journal and The American Lawyer.
  • Increased website traffic.
  • Coordinated outreach to contacts by 17 offices, 13 practices and 3 continents.

Team Members:

  • Kolvin Stone, Global Co-Chair Cyber, Privacy & Data Innovation
  • Helena Lawrence, Senior Marketing & Business Development Manager: Cyber, Privacy & Data Innovation
  • Colin Hinds, Managing Associate
  • Alex Sobolev, Associate
  • Tanya Khachiyan, Senior Knowledge Analyst
  • Max Polinski, Knowledge Analyst

Sales & Service Executive of the Year - Kristen Leis


Parker Poe Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer Kristen Leis spearheaded an innovative program designed to deepen client relationships, gain efficiency and maximize value.

In July 2017, the firm hosted TeamUp!, a Yellow Belt Certification in Legal Lean Sigma® and Project Management. The two-day course taught Parker Poe's executive team and several key client teams (comprised of both clients and Parker Poe attorneys) how to increase efficiencies, applying process improvement and project management skills geared specifically for the legal profession. The course is a signature part of Parker Poe's annual initiative called The Path, which aims to deepen relationships integral to client development.

The Legal Lean Sigma Institute taught the two-day course. You can learn more about how the training was adapted from the manufacturing industry and read quotes from clients here.


Parker Poe was the first law firm to host this kind of course in the Carolinas. Clients appreciated the opportunity to learn new skills taught in the Legal Lean Sigma® and Project Management course. Here’s what some of the in-house counsel said after the program:

“I think the fact that Parker Poe was willing to do this says a lot about the firm’s willingness to be innovative and to look for solutions that are win-win for both the client and the firm.” 

“From an in-house counsel perspective, the fact that Parker Poe offered and provided this opportunity is immensely valuable to us as an organization.”

“What Parker Poe is doing is taking that customer service and that client service to another level.”

Additionally, a cross-functional management team from Parker Poe used the training to focus on streamlining the integrating new attorneys and staff.          

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