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  • February 04, 2021 2:57 PM | Deleted user

     Fenwick is seeking a Business Development Specialist who will further the firm’s marketing efforts through support of the corporate practice groups, and specifically the startup Bay Area sub-practice group, individual partners, senior marketing staff professionals and oversight of marketing coordinators and assistants. This position can be based in any of our Bay Area or Santa Monica (CA) offices.


  • January 27, 2021 1:17 PM | Kirsten Lovett (Administrator)

    We'll cover 5 areas to help build a strong bridge between Marketing & Sales. Please invite your marketing team to this - as we want your teams to be on the same page about what is expected and what is available these days when it comes to reporting.

    There are some valuable data points and helpful information that Marketing can provide. We'll cover the top 5 areas and show examples of what they look like. These valuable reports and documents will be helpful in whatever professional services sales role you do for the rest of your life.

    Come prepared to see how your teams can grow together this year and be an efficient system that is a win for Sales, a win for Marketing and ultimately a win for your firm.

    You'll walk away:

    • Understanding the impact Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) makes for sales
    • Grasping the total number of leads generated broken down by lead type: i.e., Form submissions, phone calls, live chats, etc.
    • Understanding the role you can play in seeing more leads generated
    • Building a strong working relationship among marketing and sales professionals
    • Building the knowledge and understanding of what reports and data you can expect from your marketing team

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  • January 14, 2021 2:37 PM | Deleted user

    Fenwick seeks a Digital Marketing Technology Manager to enhance the firm’s marketing/business development function with technology solutions that deliver improved results.  LEARN MORE

  • January 14, 2021 2:28 PM | Deleted user

    Fenwick is seeking a Marketing Analytics and Reporting Specialist to develop and execute fact-based reporting, analysis, and analytical models in a way that improves decision-making across the marketing department.  


  • December 29, 2020 8:09 PM | Deleted user

    The Legal Sales and Service Organization, Inc. (LSSO) is pleased to announce that Kirsten Lovett has transitioned from her position as its executive director to a member of LSSO’s Board of Advisors. Lovett will continue to contribute to LSSO with her three years of experience as its Executive Director and her more than 18 years of experience in business development roles for law firms and other professional service organizations.

    We are also pleased to announce that Eva Booth has joined the organization as its new Executive Director. Booth has over 17 years of experience in the legal industry, working as a consultant and in client service with LawVision, Hildebrandt, and Altman Weil, Inc.

    “LSSO’s Board of Advisors is excited to have Kirsten in this position and to have her transition her current responsibilities to Eva,” said co‐founder Silvia Coulter. “Kirsten has first‐hand experience leading law firms in the evolution from marketing to business development. As we get ready to celebrate our 16th year, we look forward to having Kirsten help us continue our mission of serving as a source of innovative ideas and events for the legal community. Eva will oversee member services, LSSO’s annual RainDance Conference, sponsor and partner programs, and special initiatives such as the Women’s Rainmaker Survey.”

  • December 13, 2020 3:25 PM | Deleted user

    Fenwick is seeking a Senior Marketing Technology Manager who will oversee the technology aspects of the firm’s marketing initiatives.


  • December 13, 2020 3:13 PM | Deleted user

    Fenwick is seeking a CRM Manager who will be responsible for the development, execution, and continuous refinement of the firm’s CRM system – inclusive of technology, processes, people and data.


  • November 17, 2020 8:36 AM | Eva Booth (Administrator)

    Fenwick & West has an opening for a Business Development Specialist who will further the Firm’s business development efforts through support of the corporate practice and its individual partners, as well as senior business development staff.


  • November 03, 2020 9:40 AM | Kirsten Lovett (Administrator)

    The business development specialist works closely with the firm's chief marketing officer and members of the marketing/business development team to provide strategic business development and marketing support across the firm’s practices and industries, including with respect to the creation of company and industry profiles, pitches and RFPs, directory submissions, client-facing event management, and conference and tradeshow support. This position will be based Bridgewater, with occasional travel required to the satellite offices.

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  • October 22, 2020 1:16 PM | Deleted user

    Be proactive with key stakeholders. This activity facilitates lawyer engagement (the ongoing biggest challenge identified by all BD surveys). The biggest complaint we hear from partners is the BD team is not proactive. Right or wrong, make it a point to build strong relationships with your internal clients.

    Nothing replaces that. Then recruit key partner(s) to support your critical initiatives.

    Conduct client feedback interviews. When a specific project for a practice group or partner is completed, go to their office or schedule a 10-minute Zoom call and conduct an “after project feedback” call. Any input will go a long way to helping you build relationships and provide feedback to your team.

    Turn non-responses into opportunities. Keep in mind lawyers are compensated to do work, bill work, and collect fees. The rest is done in their spare time, including important firm citizen roles on committees, and business development, or off-the-clock meetings for clients. If you need their input on something, go to their office or schedule a call. Make it easy for them to do business with the business development team.

    Practice your pitches. For important practice groups, executive committees, or other firm meetings, practice your presentations to be as smooth as possible. We ask the lawyers to do this for client meetings, so doing the same for your internal client meetings will make things go smoother and further build your confidence.

    Hand out compliments when appropriate. Send a hand-written note if you enjoyed working with a partner, or they did a good job presenting or running a client meeting. Everyone likes feedback, and lawyers seldom receive it from anyone. Everyone appreciates positive feedback in the form of compliments.

    Keep in touch. It is critical to keep in touch with your network of peers, sponsors/vendors/suppliers, and others. Do not wait until you need them—that is insincere. Keep in touch at least once a year and not with an e-holiday card. Be genuine by making a call or sending an email to see how people in your network are doing. Create a list of 20-50 people you should be in touch with annually or more often.

    Continue your education. Whether the firm pays for it or not, attend one program a year (writing skills, negotiating skills, presentation skills, etc.) to sharpen the skills you need to be good at what you do.

    Invest in yourself! Ask your team members to do the same. Ask your Professional Development team who they recommend and have outside consultant/trainers come in to train your team to sharpen skills.

    Be the best you can be at all times.

    Connect with peers in commercial businesses who have your position. Build relationships with peers from accounting or other professional service firms that allow you to expand your network and, at the

    same time, will enable you to build opportunities for you to connect one another’s professionals for programming, writing, speaking, etc. Stay connected outside of your legal network to learn best practices you can bring back to your firm and present to partners.

    Be happy. If you are, you will be your best. Take time for yourself—it is a demanding, busy industry we are in. 

    Silvia Coulter

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