The Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Boardroom

  • October 28, 2021
  • 12:00 AM
  • December 31, 2021
  • 11:59 PM
  • Virtual




The Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Boardroom is designed to provide diversity and inclusion leaders from law firms, and companies that retain their services, a members-only forum for energetic and strategic discussion.  All discussions are Boardroom Confidential.  The Leadership Boardroom summits will include discussions about timely, relevant issues such as:

·        Current events that impact workplace environments

·        Gender, Race, Sexuality, Religion, Nationality, Ethnicity, Ability, Class

·        Gender versus ethnicity – two sides of the same coin?

·        Beyond Diversity and Inclusion – much more than just a seat at the table

·        The ever-changing definition of diversity and inclusion in a global professional services firm

·        Disruptors to the status quo and creating new competitive strategies and models

·        Benefits of a truly diverse firm/Challenges posed by non-diverse work environments

·        The evolving role and responsibilities of the Diversity and Inclusion Leaders

·        Motivating and driving change – how to engage and speed the process

·        Integration with other C-suite leaders

·        Megatrends – how they influence and impact our clients and our firms

·        Critical elements for establishing alignment with clients

·        Diverse succession planning for global key client accounts

·        Creating and promoting diversity and inclusion thought leadership

·        Innovations and strategies for competing with non-traditional business models and teams

·        Leadership attributes and models required to achieve planning and implementation success

·        Best practices for implementation success

·        Dashboards, metrics and analytics

·        Strategies for aligning firm, office, practice, and individual planning

Boardroom Offerings in 2021-22

ü  Five to six 2.5-hour virtual meetings (likely through 2021 until post-COVID travel/in person conferences resume) / The 2022 schedule will be distributed later in 2021.

ü  Strong peer-to-peer networking group with individuals who establish and define the future for professional service firms

ü  Confidential meeting environment (when in-person is acceptable again), hosted by a member firm, by invitation only

Membership Fees

Annual Membership: U.S. $3,950.00

Note: We are pleased to announce 2021 membership will be valid through 2022. (2022 meetings will be held both virtual and in person.)

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