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Meet the Rapid-Fire GC Panel

April 06, 2017 12:41 PM | Kirsten Lovett

Back by popular demand: Rapid-Fire GC Panel

The Legal Sales and Service Organization is bringing back its rapid-fire GC panel event at this year’s RainDance™ Conference on May 9-10 in Dallas, TX.

This year’s GC panel program will feature some new and timely topics in addition to the traditional areas of inquiry into what law firms are doing well and not so well.

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Hear directly from Chief Legal Officers

John O. Cunningham will once again lead this fast-paced panel featuring: direct one-word, one-sentence and one-minute answers to poignant questions about client concerns with legal services and sales, including:

  • What gets you hired or fired
  • What they want to hear in pitches and what they hate
  • Actual examples of great pitches and great service
  • How they find and access law firm content (and what devices they use to get it)
  • What they read and what they ignore
  • Their own individually selected “hot button” issues regarding legal service and sales

Meet our GC Panelists

  • Audrey Rubin, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for the law department of Aon Corporation, a global provider of human resources and risk management services
  • Telisa Webb Schelin, Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and and Secretary of TIER REIT, Inc., a publicly traded real estate investment trust listed on the NYSE
  • Allen Walker, Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Heritage Health Solutions, a health care delivery and management provider that serves federal, state, county, and municipal agencies
  • David Wheeler, the General Counsel of BBA Aviation’s aftermarket services group, which provides aviation ground services, including repair and overhaul of jet engines and aircraft cleaning and maintenance work.

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