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Navigating the New Norm: Virtual Selling Strategies for Law Firms in 2024 and Beyond

November 24, 2023 1:01 PM | Michele Bisceglie (Administrator)

Authors: Beth Cuzzone, Global Practice Group Leader, Deal Cloud at Intapp | Co-Founder of LSSO | Co-Chair of LSSO's Editorial Board | Member of LSSO's Board of AdvisorsJill Zwetchkenbaum, Associate Business Development Manager for Mintz

The legal landscape has undergone a significant transformation in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Especially as we look to 2024, the shift towards virtual interactions has not only become a necessity but has also presented law firms with new opportunities for growth and efficiency. Virtual selling, the process of engaging clients and closing deals online, has emerged as a crucial aspect of this paradigm shift. In this article, we explore the concept of virtual selling and provide law firms with seven proven best practices to thrive in this new reality.

What Is Virtual Selling?

Virtual selling is the art of selling products or services online or remotely, eliminating the need for face-to-face interactions between lawyers and clients. This approach leverages digital formats such as email, social media, video conferencing, and sales enablement platforms to connect with clients, showcase legal expertise, and facilitate seamless transactions. By embracing virtual selling, law firms can broaden their reach, reduce costs, and engage with clients from anywhere in the world.

How to Sell Virtually

Law firms looking to excel in virtual selling must adapt their strategies to the virtual environment. According to best practices, successful virtual selling for legal professionals involves a combination of frontstage and backstage activities.

Frontstage Activities:

1. Make it Personal:

• Craft personalized prospecting emails tailored to the client's industry, role, or challenges.

• Enhance engagement by including videos introducing lawyers and discussing relevant legal topics.

2. Spend more time preparing for the meeting than AT the meeting itself:

• Engage with stakeholders beforehand to address potential client questions and objections.

• Utilize technology tools to practice and refine legal pitches, ensuring a flawless virtual presentation. Don’t skip the dress rehearsals!

3. Create Sharable Materials and Track Engagement:

• Utilize pre-recorded videos and content sharing tools to build trust and rapport with clients.

• Track client engagement with shared materials to gauge interest and buying intent.

Backstage Activities:

1. Wow Them:

• Keep virtual meetings short, interesting, and collaborative.

• Build trust through creative gestures, such as sending client meeting kits or arranging food and drinks delivery.

2. Stay Top of Mind:

• Recap virtual conversations using personalized videos, voicemails, or voice notes to reinforce key points. Remember, the average email open rate across all industries is 20% and this continues to go up with inbox being oversaturated.

With permission, add clients and prospects to your mailing lists and include that as part of your sales process. Then, drip-feed relevant content to maintain client engagement and stay on their radar.

3. Nurture Relationships:

• Conduct regular check-ins to discuss industry trends and share relevant legal content.

• Utilize private communication channels, like digital sales rooms, to provide a personalized buying experience.

4. Use Virtual Selling Tools:

• Leverage video creation tools for personalized interactions.

• Utilize content sharing technology and virtual meeting software for seamless communication.

• Implement call recording and note-taking tools for efficient client interactions.

• Utilize digital sales rooms to centralize relevant legal materials.

For both the font stage and backstage activities, don’t forget to share your feedback and “wins” with your colleagues and at meetings where relevant, to institutionalize best practices and drive others to want to contribute to this success.

The post-COVID legal landscape demands a strategic embrace of virtual selling. By personalizing interactions, preparing meticulously for virtual meetings, leveraging the right tools, and nurturing client relationships in a way that feels natural, law firms can navigate this new reality successfully.

The adoption of virtual selling is not just a response to a crisis but an opportunity for law firms to redefine their client engagements, think more strategically about their differentiators, and elevate their standing in the digital era.

Happy Selling!

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