POSITION:  Data Management & Analytics Director

COMPANY: Diversity Lab

LOCATION:Job can be performed from anywhere within the contiguous United States, but the following locations are preferred: Boston; New York City or nearby areas; Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area; Denver/Boulder; and Miami/South Florida.

Diversity Lab is recruiting for a Data Management & Analytics Director. If you love gathering, managing, and deriving insights from data and sharing the lessons learned, this is the role for you. Please send your resume to info@DiversityLab.com.

About Diversity Lab

Diversity Lab is an incubator for creative and innovative solutions that boost diversity and inclusion in law. Experimental ideas are created through our Hackathons and piloted in collaboration with more than 60 top law firms and legal departments across the country. Diversity Lab leverages data, behavioral science, design thinking, and technology to further develop and test new ideas and research, measure the results, and share the lessons learned.

Our inaugural project the OnRamp Fellowship is now the largest global re-entry program for lawyers returning to the profession after an extended career hiatus. To inspire others to develop and experiment with innovative initiatives such as OnRamp, we launched the Women in Law Hackathon in 2016, and the Diversity in Law Hackathon series in 2018. These first-of-their-kind "Shark Tank" style pitch competitions in law brought together high-level law firm partners, legal department leaders, talent experts, and law students in small teams working together to generate ideas to boost diversity and inclusion in the legal profession. Diversity Lab is now developing more than 10 of the Hackathon ideas, all of which rely on data to determine the baseline, measure progress, and evaluate the outcomes.

About the Role

In the Director role, you will advance our company’s and clients (i.e., law firms and legal departments) efforts to boost diversity and inclusion by teaming up with our CEO, Managing Director of Research & Knowledge Sharing, and Data Scientists to manage data and analytics projects related to sourcing and hiring talented lawyers, integration, work allocation, feedback, performance reviews, engagement and satisfaction, social and professional networks, pay equity, and inclusion activities at the individual and organizational level. You will also have the opportunity to work with the Diversity Lab team to create and manage the D&I Dash, the winning idea from the Spring 2018 Diversity in Law Hackathon, which will eventually become the largest and most valuable resource and dashboard for the legal community to access and share diversity and inclusion data and best practices.

This role is a full-time, remote work opportunity. You will be asked to travel, likely 6-8 times per year.

Main Responsibilities

  • Partner with our CEO, Managing Director of Research & Knowledge Sharing, and Data Scientists to design, launch, facilitate, and derive insights from data studies, focus groups, and other quantitative and qualitative projects to gain insights that will contribute to increased diversity and inclusion in law.
  • Assist in the assessment and measurement of Diversity Lab’s pilot initiatives related to hiring, integration, engagement, inclusion, development, and advancement to gauge the outcomes for the benefit of our clients and the legal community as a whole.
  • Design, collect, and manage Diversity Lab’s legal department outside counsel survey and diversity benchmarks with assistance from our Data Scientists.
  • Author and co-author reports, white papers, and articles on the outcomes and lessons learned from the data and analytics projects.
  • Lead the effort to design and manage the D&I Dash, an intelligence-sharing dashboard with diversity and inclusion benchmarking data and best practices for the legal community.
  • Collaborate with the entire Diversity Lab team on other projects as needed. As a 5-year young start-up with a collaborative and inclusive work culture, we expect all team members to pitch in to help with key projects as time permits, without regard to job description, tenure, or title. We also encourage our team members to take initiative in identifying areas where they can contribute based on their strengths, skills, and interests. 

The Skills Needed to Be Effective in This Role

No one is perfect, so we don’t expect one human to embody of all these skills.  But if you have some of these key skills and are willing to learn, we encourage you to apply.

    • Experience with designing, launching, and managing large-scale data projects.

    • Ability to derive useful and practical insights from data and concisely communicate the results.

    • Knowledge of and experience with data security protocols and technology to safeguard sensitive and confidential information.

    • Strong project management skills, including excellent attention to detail and timeline management.

    • High EQ; ability to interact effectively and efficiently with team members, data scientists, and external partners; self-awareness and sensitivity to communications and team relationships required.

    • Ability to make smart decisions with ambiguous information.

    • Excellent client relationship skills, including responsiveness and a willingness to help solve problems in a friendly, diplomatic, and efficient manner.

    • Strong written and verbal communications skills; ability to think and speak quickly on demand.

    • Ability to stay composed and focused under pressure and hard deadlines.

    • Self-motivated; able to take initiative with minimal supervision, manage time, and work efficiently.

    • Curiosity and interest in continuing to learn about relevant issues and share knowledge with teammates.

    • Willingness to listen to and learn from feedback, as well as to offer and communicate feedback effectively when appropriate.

    • Comfort with using and learning many forms of technology. Proficiency with Microsoft Word and excellent Excel skills required.

    • Bachelor’s degree required.

    • 5 years law firm, legal vendor, professional services firm, or legal department experience preferred.

      Location Details

      • Job format is full-time remote work; reliable internet and telephone access are required.
      • Job can be performed from anywhere within the contiguous United States, but the following locations are preferred: Boston; New York City or nearby areas; Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area; Denver/Boulder; and Miami/South Florida. While these locations are preferred, applicants from other locations will be considered fully.

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      Posted: 2/15/19

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