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The Legal Sales and Service Organization, Inc. (LSSO) was launched 20 years ago.

At that time, law firms were beginning the evolution from marketing to incorporate business development and service initiatives.

Legal departments became ever more demanding of their firms and increased their use of process improvement tools, like Six Sigma and Lean, internally. However, law firms did not have the resources or tools in the areas of business development, service excellence and quality initiatives.

LSSO was created to fill those needs.

Now as then, law firm leaders have ever-greater responsibilities for the future of their firms. The market is crowded and highly competitive. Clients are sophisticated buyers. As such, lawyers and law firms must employ effective sales and service strategies, whether they are responsible for bringing in new business or developing and retaining clients through service delivery.

LSSO membership is for legal and business professionals who want access to timely and on point information, are committed to their own professional development and insist on staying on the cutting edge.

LSSO supplies the legal community with innovative, groundbreaking events and resources. Please subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter to receive updates on these and other critical industry and professional development tools. 

LSSO exists to support you, your organization and your clients. Please reach out with any questions or suggestions.

We look forward to connecting with you soon and hope to see you at RainDance!

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