2020 Legal Sales Uncovered: Salary & Trends Survey

LSSO is pleased to announce the results of the the 2020 Salary & Trend Survey. 

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The benchmarking data will provide valuable insight into:

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Reporting structures and internal organization
  • Salary and bonus compensation

LSSO members and survey respondents will receive a complimentary copy of the full report. Additional copies will be available for purchase on our website. Join LSSO now to receive your copy of the report. LSSO annual membership fee is $149.


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2018 Legal Sales Uncovered: Salary & Trends Survey

We are grateful to the law firm professionals who took time and participated in LSSO’s benchmark survey. With your help, we will have made another positive contribution to our industry and beyond.

The notion of uncovering the complicated nuances in the rise of law firm sales and service executives came from LSSO’s esteemed leadership, the Board of Advisors. Thank each and every one of you for your guidance and direction:

  • David Burkhardt

  • Christie Caceres

  • Silvia Coulter

  • Beth Cuzzone

  • Alvidas Jasin

  • Catherine MacDonagh

  • Gabe Miller

  • Steve R. Petrie
  • Adam Stock
  • Catherine Zinn

We couldn’t have undertaken this important mission without the generous support of Hellerman Communications, who not only sponsored but contributed to this effort with substance and vision. We also salute Jennifer Roberts and Mark Medice, industry experts and data scientists, who examined the results and produced the executive summary and analysis.

A special acknowledgement goes out to Kirsten Lovett, Executive Director, who gave the survey deep commitment from beginning to end.

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