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  • August 16, 2018 2:11 PM | Kirsten Lovett (Administrator)

    Manzama is a leading provider of current awareness and market intelligence to professional service organizations around the globe. Our Client Success Team has a reputation for strategically partnering with clients to understand their goals, workflows and pain points and use this information to develop plans to successfully leverage the Manzama platform. We are looking for a Senior Client Success Manager to join our team. Entrepreneurial, collaborative, self-starter, driven, service-oriented, and problem-solver are just a few ways we would describe our Client Success Team and Company.

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  • August 02, 2018 3:32 PM | Kirsten Lovett (Administrator)

    By Eric Fletcher

    Client service can be a differentiator if it involves more than being accessible and delivering what your engagement letter promises. Here are three ideas to help separate you from the pack

    1. Deliver Relevant Information. 

    This isn’t about info related to a matter. And if you’re serious about being a trusted advisor you know your clients warrant more than a bulk email “alert” and a complimentary CLE event. Become a regular conduit of information relevant to the client’s business or market. And don’t settle for an email blast. Superior service is delivered with a personal touch.

    2. Be A Connector. 

    Virtually every business person places high value on the right connections at the right time. Find those places where your network intersects with the interests and concerns of your client(s), and you’ve found an important way to differentiate your brand of client service.

    3. Put Skin In The Game. 

    Extraordinary client service goes beyond counsel in your area of expertise. It includes being plugged in to what is important to your client. This may not have anything to do with a legal issue. It might be charitable or community organizations, social initiative, or even personal hobby. An eloquent way to serve the interests of your client is to Identify an area of interest or concern, and become involved by giving time, resources, and influence.

    Apply these 3 ideas in order to move client service from cliche to a tangible asset.

    About Eric Fletcher

    With more than twenty-five years of experience, spanning broadcasting, advertising, marketing and professional services business development, Eric Fletcher is a seasoned connector — of ideas, people and strategic growth-oriented solutions. For the past twenty-five years he has managed, directed, and consulted teams focused on targeted business development, sales and client service in the professional services sector. Follow Eric's blog:

  • July 29, 2018 10:36 AM | Kirsten Lovett (Administrator)

    By Craig Brown, Senior Consultant, LawVision and LSSO Coaching Certification Instructor

    Recently, our consultancy launched a series of public courses designed to train and certify in-house law firm marketing and business development professionals on how to coach their lawyers.

    The success of the series has allowed us to learn more about the specific concerns and needs of our clients. One recurring question we get in these sessions is about selection. Course participants often ask, “How do we make sure we’re not wasting our time on people who will not react well to coaching or who won’t follow through on our suggestions?” Many program participants report that, when working with some of their lawyers, the initial meetings look promising and the lawyer commits to certain tasks, but interest wanes rapidly, and the lawyers begin to skip meetings and fail to return emails.

    This problem touches on several topics that we address in the course, including getting buy-in from the coaching participant, formalizing the program, obtaining support from leadership, finding quick wins, and so forth. One section of the course is particularly instructive: determining “coachability.”

    Most course attendees believe the conventional wisdom that one shouldn’t waste time and money on those who won’t respond to coaching. While it’s true that a program should focus only on those who will respond to the effort, many people make false assumptions about the right criteria for selecting the truly coachable. Often, there is an inclination to determine coachability based on personality or social skills. Wallflowers are out, glad-handers are in. The socially awkward lose out to the socially adept. However, coachability is much more nuanced than simply determining where someone fits on the introversion/extroversion scale.

    After coaching thousands of lawyers, we find that the best indication of success is simply attitude. Nothing signals potential coaching success more than really wanting the program to work and being willing to learn new things and put in the work to make them happen. We focus on the following three indicators:

    1.  Willingness to learn. An individual’s willingness to learn and try new things can overcome a long list of other faults. Lawyers are trained to be skeptical. Those who can set skepticism and ego aside and conclude that they can learn something new are great prospects for success.
    2. Eagerness to succeed. Originating business needs to be something that each candidate wants to do rather than something begrudgingly taken on at the request of a senior partner. Has the candidate approached you for assistance in the past? Has this person shown a genuine interest in being a part of the program? Look for these indicators as you select candidates.
    3. Enthusiasm/drive. It takes many “at bats” to score home runs. Ask yourself whether your candidate has the ability to see challenges as opportunities and to strive to achieve success. Can this person keep going after hearing rejection? Business development requires the ability not to get discouraged when efforts result in rejection. The resilient person who has the ability to keep trying is rewarded.

    Here are some actions to take to make sure that you have the right candidates for your own coaching program

    1. Get more than one viewpoint. I’m often surprised when I get input about who should be coached from more than one source at a firm. One time, I received lists of potential candidates from a managing partner, a CMO, a marketing manager, and a practice-group leader. While there was some overlap, the lists were wildly different, and some included people who were on others’ “do-not-coach” lists. People view this subject through their own lenses, so get input from as many “lenses” as you can. Taking on the task of subjectively deciding who will be a success may be too much for one person. Spread out that responsibility and take advantage of the viewpoints of others.
    2. Get more objective information. For years, I have used a tool called the Lawyer-Behavior Profile to help determine coachability. It assesses business-development strengths for lawyers and turns the subjective conclusions we make about our lawyers’ coachability into something more concrete.
    3. Get clear on your selection criteria. Make sure that you are evaluating people using a standardized list of what you are looking for in a candidate. “She is warm and engaging with people” may not be enough. You may want to add other criteria to your list. For example, is the candidate seen as part of the future of the firm? Is the candidate someone in whom the firm wishes to invest? Is this person possibly a future leader at the firm? Has this person taken a proactive approach to her career?

    Well-trained coaches who are selective about their participants can raise the ROI of your coaching program and thereby add to the firm’s bottom line. But there are other, less tangible rewards as well. There is nothing like the experience of finding a lawyer who knows darn well that she is not on anyone’s list as a potential rainmaker and helping her build a profitable and thriving practice.

    Help someone like that, and suddenly coaching isn’t just effective. It’s fun.

    Need more help? To assist our clients in their coaching efforts, we’ve partnered with the Legal Sales and Service Organization (LSSO) and launched a program that trains people to be successful internal coaches. Public sessions are scheduled for this September in Los Angeles and for October in New York.

    Click here for more information on LSSO's Coaching Advantage Certification Program.

    About the Author

    Craig Brown has worked with managing partners, attorneys, CEOs, and executives, as a coach, consultant and business executive for over 20 years.  He is a Law Firm Business Development Consultant with LawVision where his business development consulting and training practice focuses on helping law firms rethink how to build clientele by reconnecting people to their core strengths.  

    He can be reached at

  • July 21, 2018 5:31 PM | Kirsten Lovett (Administrator)

    Ballard Spahr, a national law firm with more than 500 lawyers across 15 offices has a new opportunity for a Director of Business Development.  The selected individual will assist the Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer (CMBDO) in the creation and execution of firm-wide business development initiatives and the development and management of the business development team.

    Learn more and apply here.

  • July 13, 2018 10:02 AM | Kirsten Lovett (Administrator)

    Coaching Advantage Certification Program

    September 25-26, 2018 - Los Angeles, CA

    October 10-11, 2018 - New York, NY

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    Coaching is becoming a profession within the legal profession.  Learning to become a business development coach or to refine your coaching skills to help lawyers reach their full potential for developing business is a great career opportunity. Through Legal Sales and Service Organization's (LSSO) partnership with LawVision, we bring our attendees and members unparalleled opportunity for advancing their careers as business development coaches. Further, our coaching certification will provide you with the training, tools, and credentials to coach lawyers at all skill levels. 

    LSSO's Coaching Certification program is delivered through classroom instruction by sales and coaching experts, accompanied by in house coaches who will provide case studies and examples of the day-to-day challenges and opportunities they face and discuss the methods for meeting those challenges and leveraging opportunities. Onsite programming, a live coaching session and one class follow-on webinar will complete your certification.

    Early Bird Discounts Ends Soon

    Los Angeles, CA
    $2,250 Before August 1  
    $2,500 After August 1 

    New York, NY
    $2,250 Before September 1 
    $2,500 After September 1      

    Additional discount for LSSO members 

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  • June 29, 2018 2:31 PM | Kirsten Lovett (Administrator)

    The Business Development and Marketing Coordinator works closely with the Business Development and Marketing Manager to support the Energy and Project Finance practices. The Coordinator is a central part of the team and is involved in a variety of projects including: entering and maintaining data in the Firm's experience management system; assisting in the creation and maintenance of business development and marketing collateral for the group, including pitches and web materials; coordinating drafts of directory submissions and client references; coordinating activities to improve the profile of the practices involving outside organizations, such as sponsorships and other major events.

    Learn more and apply here

  • June 28, 2018 12:03 PM | Kirsten Lovett (Administrator)

    If you couldn't make LSSO's RainDance 2018 Conference, check out these Tweets to see what you missed.


  • June 28, 2018 10:52 AM | Kirsten Lovett (Administrator)

    As always, the Legal Sales and Service Organization hosted a superb gathering of some of the top sales and service minds in the legal services industry on June 6-7 in Chicago, and as always, there were plenty of useful takeaways.

    Here are some of the things that stuck in my mind from this year’s RainDance conference:

    • The people at Design Build Legal are using their design-thinking experience gained from working with clients like Nordstrom to help law firms adapt to a fast-changing competitive landscape. With their help, some leading-edge firms are moving from “Here’s what we make – want to buy some?” to “What are your problems? We’ll design and deliver the solutions?” They facilitated a workshop in which audience members built models for solutions to actual problems presented by a senior legal officer at a Fortune 500 company in less than one hour – awesome.
    • Data-masters at Intapp explained how marketing/sales professionals can help their firms to choose the right strategic direction, and get better buy-in from all key partners by focusing on key data that is available in most every firm. Loved a quote they presented by a managing partner: “If we have data [evidence] let’s use that to make decisions. But if all we have is opinions, then let’s go with mine.” Among many data “heuristics” they presented was the “Rule of 3” which says that a client is much more likely to stay and grow with a firm if that client is buying three or more types of services (litigation, corporate, real estate, etc.). They also revealed that clients who seek increasing discounts on bills are likely to jump ship soon if changes in service are not made.
    • We learned from David Ackert of the Ackert Advisory that tracking data indicates that most prospects don’t become clients until an average of 14 impressions or touches are made (meetings, calls, content consumed, etc.). He also explained how important it is to have clear objectives for every interaction with a prospect prior to meeting or speaking with them. Thus, “winging it” is far less likely to produce a successful “impression” on which to build.
    Read more of my RainDance takeaways.

    About the Author

    John O. Cunningham is chair of the LSSO Editorial Board. He is a freelance writer, editor and marketing/communications consultant. Learn more here.

  • June 23, 2018 6:31 PM | Kirsten Lovett (Administrator)

    Boston, MA – The Legal Sales and Service Organization (LSSO) and Berbay Marketing & Public Relations announced the winners of the 2018 Sales & Service Awards which recognize sales, business development and marketing professionals who spearheaded initiatives contributing to law firm revenue growth in 2017

    The winners include:

    Sales & Service Executive of the Year: Kristen Leis, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer with Parker Poe, who spearheaded the firm’s TeamUp! Yellow Belt Certification in Legal Lean Sigma® and Project Management two-day course. The firm teamed up with clients to learn process improvement and project management skills geared specifically for the legal profession. Parker Poe was the first law firm to host this kind of course in the Carolinas. Learn more.

    "The course was the third installment in Parker Poe's annual initiative called The Path, which I was able to curate and lead based on direct client feedback," said Ms. Leis. "The Path series aims to deepen relationships integral to unparalleled client service. TeamUp! followed Path initiatives using gamification to 'gamify' strategic business development activities, and a mini-MBA program, which I adopted from my own Executive MBA program for all lawyers in the firm."

    Sales & Marketing Collaboration of the Year: Orrick executed a global marketing campaign for its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Readiness Assessment Tool involving collaboration between eight departments. The tool, with its engaging and innovative technology, raised the profile of Orrick’s practice and ultimately drove business to the firm. Learn more.

    “As an innovator in the delivery of client service, we make the law more accessible,” said Helena Lawrence, Senior Manager: Marketing & Business Development, Orrick. “Orrick’s GDPR Readiness Assessment Tool is an example of when dealing with major legislation, we offer value add solutions, along with our complimentary resources.”

    The awards were presented by Berbay Marketing & Public Relations at the 15th Annual RainDance Conference held June 6 – 7, 2018 in Chicago at the Mid-America Club.

    The following professionals served on the judge’s panel to select award winners:

    • David Burkhardt, Client Service Director with Wyrick, Robbins, Yates & Ponton
    • Mari-Anne Kehler, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer with Green Hasson Janks
    • Jon Mattson, Director of Business Development with Baker & Hostetler, LLP

    Entries for the 2019 edition of the awards will open in November 2018.



    About LSSO

    Launched in 2003, LSSO delivers the education and resources that lawyers and those who work with them need to improve their sales and client service skills with exclusive research, and tools and information for members only. LSSO supplies the legal marketplace with innovative, groundbreaking events and resources, including the annual RainDance Conference and LSSO's Process Improvement Certification Programs. Follow LSSO on Twitter and LinkedIn.

    About Berbay Marketing & PR

    Founded in 1995, Berbay Marketing & PR is a marketing and public relations firm specializing in fueling law firms’ revenue growth.  Follow Berbay on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.


  • June 22, 2018 4:49 PM | Kirsten Lovett (Administrator)

    Banner & Witcoff, Ltd. is hiring a Business Development Manager in Chicago, IL or Washington, DC. The Business Development Manager is responsible for supporting attorneys in their business development and marketing efforts, generating business leads and expanding client relationships. The Business Development Manager will collaborate with attorneys, marketing colleagues, and various departments across the firm.

    Banner & Witcoff, Ltd. is an intellectual property law firm with more than 110 attorneys and agents, and 98 years of practice providing legal counsel and representation to the world’s most innovative companies.

    Learn more about the position and apply here.

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