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  • March 15, 2019 4:15 PM | Jenifer Hamilton (Administrator)

    The Legal Sales and Service Organization (LSSO) has chosen a panel of three highly respected judges who will be evaluating and selecting the winners for the 2019 Sales & Service Awards. The awards recognize the efforts and results of individuals and teams who have spearheaded initiatives contributing to law firm revenue growth.

    The judges’ panel includes:

    • Erica Glass: Director of Global Corporate Communications - Legal Solutions for  Wolters Kluwer Governance, Risk & Compliance.
    • Chris HummelDirector of Marketing and Business Development for Banner Witcoff, an intellectual property boutique law firm with offices in Chicago, Washington, D.C., Boston, and Portland. 
    • Samantha McKennaAward-winning leader of  Enterprise Sales for the LinkedIn Sales Navigator NYC office.

    Join us in Chicago on June 5-6, 2019 for the 16th Annual RainDance Conference where John Hellerman will lead a panel discussion with the winners of the 2019 LSSO Sales & Service Award. 

    "As sales and client service positions evolve in the legal industry, it's important that we highlight their work and impact on the bottom line. We have gathered some of the original movers and shakers as judges to help us identify the leaders in this space. Stay tuned for the professionals and projects that are selected, and plan to attend 
    LSSO's RainDance to learn more." 

    John HellermanHellerman Communications


  • March 12, 2019 5:56 PM | Jenifer Hamilton (Administrator)

    This position can be located in any Ballard Spahr office.  Read more!

  • March 06, 2019 2:20 PM | Jenifer Hamilton (Administrator)

    By David Whiteside, Director of Client Growth & Success at CLIENTSFirst

    According to CRM company, more sales time is wasted, and productivity lost due to targeting the wrong prospects than any other sales task. The old “run me a list of companies in X industry and Y geography” is just not tight enough. More bad prospects dumped in the pipeline leads to more lost follow-up time on these same bad prospects, and less time spent on good prospects.

    How do we improve targeting and be sure we are targeting the highest quality prospects (whether by the attorney or a professional sales person)? Let’s start by focusing on the tools, law firms we might use to create a target list that is tightly segmented and targeted to yield better results.


    Tools fall in three categories. Let’s look at each and how they can be used for targeting.

    1. Internal non-marketing – primary function is not marketing or business development
    2. Internal marketing – primary function is marketing & business development
    3. External – free or purchased sources to aid marketing & business development

    Internal Non-Marketing Tools:

    These include Accounting, Matter Management, Intake, KM Systems, Document Management, Expert witness database, referral database and more. These are typically siloed as they were designed and purchased for one function. That function typically was not sales/marketing. But these tools do contain a wealth of information if the user is skilled in mining that information. Key data that can be mined from these tools includes:

    • Client or prospect? (Accounting)
    • How did the client find us or how did we find them? (Intake/Referral database)
    • What matters have we done? (Matter Management / Accounting)
    • What attorney brought in the work? (Intake/referral)
    • What timekeepers performed work and rates charged? (Accounting/Matter Management)
    • How profitable was the engagement? (Accounting)
    • How successful was the engagement? (Accounting/Matter Management/Client Feedback)
    • How much work have we done as a firm, or has a specific practice, office or attorney done in a specific matter type? (Accounting/Matter Management)

    Internal Marketing Tools:

    Firms also have internal tools for marketing and business development purposes. A website is a staple in every firm and the core function is to display content with the most frequently visited pages typically being attorney bios and experience where prospects are credentialing a lawyer. CRM/ERM (Customer Relationship Management / Enterprise Relationship Management) systems are common in many. An “Experience Database” is not as common, but very useful with the primary function of taking internal matter data and translating internal data to market facing data. CRM/ERM systems are designed to collect data about clients and prospects and provide a historical view of who do we know, who knows them the best, and ideally what interactions have we had with them as far as meetings, events attended, newsletters subscribed to, social media interaction and other data. The goal is to understand their “engagement level” with us past and present. Key data that can be mined from these tools includes:

    • Who knows who - What attorneys have relationships with which clients/prospects? (ERM/CRM)
    • What interactions do we currently have with them? Newsletters, blogs, Twitter or other feeds subscribed to or future events signed up for. (CRM/Website)
    • Past interactions – what did they attend, subscribe to in past, former employment (CRM/Website)
    • Work performed successfully (Experience Database if available as only successes are cataloged.)
    • Expert Witnesses – these are typically stored somewhere – hopefully in your CRM system but if not cross reference experts, attorneys and clients.
    • Referrals - these are typically stored somewhere – probably intake – hopefully then cataloged in your CRM system but if not cross reference, attorneys and clients.
    • Client preferences – here are just a few - do they prefer email? Phone? Who is assistant? Spouse? Children? Favorite teams? Dietary restrictions? Civic involvement? Religion? Politics? School/Alumni? Law firm employment? (Ideally in CRM – but likely need to look in several places – when they attended events what did they order to eat?)

    Data Quality - before using the firm CRM system, ask your CRM team about the reliability and quality of the data. Data gets old very quickly. Studies by Gartner and others show about 30% of contact data changes every year as people change jobs, get promotions, move, retire and even die. Consider your own mobile phone – contacts get added regularly over time. But how many of your contacts in your phone were added long ago and are inaccurate or incomplete in some fashion? You still have their company two jobs ago but because you call/text their mobile phone, you don’t update the rest? The firm CRM system can suffer from the same problem. Does not make it unusable, just means you need to validate data with other sources if you have questions on accuracy. Contacting someone and not having their new title 3 months after their big promotion may not be fatal, but not a great start either.

    External Tools:

    Company website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social media are usually free and can provide a wealth of information on a prospect. Hoovers, Monitor Suite, Capital IQ, Pitchbook, Bloomberg, The Deal, Westlaw, Ibis World, Lexis or other external subscription information tools provide targeting help with business and legal history if available. These are subscription based and as a rule rely on publicly available information through filings and news. They are often much easier to use than internal systems as they are designed to pull together information in a more consumable format. Key data that can be mined from these tools includes:

    • Company website – for larger companies this is a treasure trove with everything from officers and director’s bio’s to SEC filings, business organization and structure, and business strategy and direction.
    • LinkedIn, Facebook (I would suggest connecting on LinkedIn if you have a business connection. Facebook as more of a personal tool so although you might find Facebook information on a prospect, I don’t suggest friending them until you really know them and maybe ask permission.) Following on Twitter is common and non-threatening. Facebook and LinkedIn both have a lot of “groups” you can ask permission to join. Often these are by common interest or industry.
    • Hoovers – Hoovers provides a business overview of a company as well as allows for list building based on business criteria like size, sales volume, industry and location. Claim to have 120 million business records. These business records are not always separate companies as may include locations on same business – think McDonalds. But generally thought of as a decent tool.
    • Monitor Suite – This tool from Thomson Reuters provides information on three main areas; Litigation, Deals & Intellectual Property. There are many uses for this tool and it has capabilities for list building and other handy functions, but the most common use is to run reports on companies, industries, law firms and lawyers. A report on a company for example can show what law firms/lawyers are hired for litigation, IP or Deal work. Frequency work occurs, jurisdictions/geography, opposing counsel and more. Figuring out how to ferret the details out of the reports takes some skill but tool is easy enough to use. A large number of AmLaw firms have this tool. Monitor Suite would usually be considered the “A” tool for business development in litigation.
    • Pitch Book, Capital IQ, The Deal, Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters Eikon are all tools that are used for doing “Deal” work. Deal work broadly might include M&A, private equity, bond work and more with information on parties, representation and more.
    • Legal research with Westlaw & Lexis – these two tools are best known for their “legal research”. The ability to find cases and statutes “on point” is the traditional use case. But both are adding more and more databases and tools that not only facilitate, but target business developers. Expert Witness reports is one area that can be researched as you profile what a prospect might need and how your firm experience might be a fit.
    • Industry research is an area that gets a lot of discussion. Google is certainly the most widely used and will find a large mass of information. The time required is the biggest challenge to Google and other wide search tools. Ibis World has a very straight forward industry research tool that breaks down and industries and major players. Gartner, Forrester and others have tools that rate companies and products with some free but most behind subscription wall. One of the most valuable reasons to search industry information is to compare a single company against their peers. Do their legal issues for example trend with peer companies? Or do they have FLSA or other legal issues that seem out of line with peer companies?

    Targeting prospective work with the highest potential ROI requires discipline and process. Fighting the tendency to chase bad prospects simply because they seem interested or look like an easy meeting to get is hard and often goes against what seems like the logical thing to do. Discipline in the targeting process will deliver better results.

    About the Author:

    Dave Whiteside is Director of Client Growth & Success at CLIENTSFirst.

    Dave’s focus is helping the company grow and expand its CRM, Data Quality, eMarketing and Client Intelligence service offerings, and building alliances that help deliver additional value to Clients.

  • February 28, 2019 4:26 PM | Jenifer Hamilton (Administrator)

    Kirkland & Ellis is seeking a coordinator to support the marketing and business development efforts of the San Francisco and Palo Alto (Bay Area) offices. The Senior Coordinator will report to the Bay Area Business Development (BD) Manager in San Francisco. The Senior Coordinator will also communicate and collaborate daily with nearly 100 diverse problem-solvers and advisers dedicated to the broader business development, marketing and communications efforts of the Firm. Our international business development team provides seamless service to our attorneys with a focus on quality, innovation and responsiveness. We are looking for a self-starter with good judgement and a background in professional services marketing and business development.

    Read more here!

  • February 28, 2019 2:22 PM | Jenifer Hamilton (Administrator)

    The position is for Mountain View/San Francisco, Seattle or New York.

    Read more!

  • February 24, 2019 7:09 PM | Kirsten Lovett (Administrator)

    John Hellerman Interviews the 2017 and 2018 Sales & Service Team Winners

    The Sales & Service team award salutes the efforts and results of groups who have spearheaded initiatives that help drive revenue in their law firms. John Hellerman, Hellerman Communications, interviewed members of the 2017 and 2018 winning teams to glean the key elements of their firms' winning initiatives and the secrets of their success. 

    We hope you will be inspired to submit your nomination for the 2019 awards!

    2017 Sales & Service Team Award - Benesch Law

    Hear from Liz Boehm how the marketing and business development team at Benesch launched “Team Everest: the Peak Performers Summit.”

    2018 Sales & Service Team Award - Orrick

    Hear from Helena Lawrence how Orrick’s GDPR Readiness Assessment Tool hit the market just right.


    Submit your nomination now 

    If you or someone you know has demonstrated innovative techniques in retaining or growing firm revenue, submit a nomination on or before February 28, 2018. Large and small firm categories. See the nomination form for more details.

    Sales & Service Executive of the Year
    This award goes to a leader who played a crucial role in retaining clients and/or growing firm revenue in 2018.

    Submit Executive

    Sales & Service Team of the Year
    This award goes to a team who played a crucial role in retaining or growing firm revenue in 2018. 

    Submit Team

    Awards will be presented by Hellerman Communications at the 16th Annual RainDance Conference June 5-6, 2019 in Chicago. Winners will receive one free registration to RainDance.

    Deadline: Thursday, February 28, 2019.

    Questions? Contact Kirsten Lovett

  • February 13, 2019 12:24 PM | Jenifer Hamilton (Administrator)

    By Eric Fletcher

    Where will your next great piece of work come from?
    Sure, if your budget is the size of a tech giant’s, or if your brand has the cache that brings your name to mind at the mere hint of a need, or if you’re in an arena that allows you to simply play a numbers game — then developing new client relationships may not be an issue.
    Otherwise, a timely connection with prospects in need of (and ready to pay for) the experience and expertise you provide is likely becoming a greater challenge with each new year. With rare exception, most lawyers are left to hope that new clients will somehow seek them out when the need arises.

    Is There A Way To Generate Viable Leads For The Professional Service You Offer?
    Notwithstanding what your experience may have been, it is possible for your marketing efforts to open doors to meetings — create a pipeline of leads — that result in the kind of work you want to do.Here’s the catch. It is decidedly not the byproduct of an afterthought. Or something you only turn to when business is slow. Or something you half-heartedly invest in.The good news is that you can build a marketing / business development / sales process that will create a pipeline of real leads.Here are the three basic components this kind of process requires.

    1 -  Identify Specific Targets

    This is the foundation of a process that will generate a pipeline of leads. No matter how creative or eloquent, cast a marketing effort “out there” with nothing more than the hope that it reaches the right audience, and you’re wasting resources. On the other hand, invest in identifying targets for whom your service is relevant, and your marketing efforts have a fighting chance in a noisy marketplace.
    If you can’t build a target list, put the brakes on your efforts and dive into the work of Target Identification.

    2 - Deliver Something of Value

    This is where efforts often go awry because we go to the marketplace with what we deem to be important — investing mightily in our message. Our (canned) presentation. Our story.
    If the thesis of your marketing plan is “if we can just get the word out” you have fallen victim to the hang-a-shingle-and-they-will-come strategy. In a competitive market, a killer website alone is not going to prompt anyone to beat a path to your door.Effective lead generation instigates a productive on-going conversation with a target. This is initiated by delivering something your target market defines as valuable.Ultimately, this is about knowing and understanding the business issues faced by the target. Become relevant here, and you have a shot at an on-going and productive conversation.

    On the other hand, insist on making a pitch without knowing that your offering connects to what your target values, and risk becoming nothing more than market noise — where all the players look, sound and act the same. And are interchangeable parts.

    3 - Do the Follow Up

    This is what separates the relentless business developer (read: rainmaker) from everyone else.

    Question: In what endeavor of consequence does delivering a message one time get the job done?

    Without respect to targeting, delivering value, and proving relevance, if your go-to-market sales strategy does not include intentional and strategic follow up, you’ve embarked on one more less-than-productive marketing initiative.The nature of the follow up will vary depending on the specifics of your offering. But without an intentional effort to establish dialogue, you are still hoping the market will do the hard work, and chart the path to your door...undistracted by the promises of competitors. An effective marketing and sales effort will utilize a variety of tools, and may be built on a number of platforms.  These are the three keys to differentiating your efforts from the masses, generating meaningful leads, and delivering measurable return on your investments in marketing, business development and sales.

    About Eric Fletcher:

    With more than twenty-five years of experience, spanning broadcasting, advertising, marketing and professional services business development, Eric Fletcher is a seasoned connector — of ideas, people and strategic growth-oriented solutions. For the past twenty-five years he has managed, directed, and consulted teams focused on targeted business development, sales and client service in the professional services sector. Follow Eric's blog:

  • February 08, 2019 9:33 AM | Kirsten Lovett (Administrator)


    Submit your nomination now for the

    2019 Legal Industry Sales & Service Awards

    We're two weeks away from the deadline to submit for the LSSO Sales & Service Awards! The awards salute the efforts and results of individuals and teams who have spearheaded initiatives contributing to law firm revenue growth.

    If you or someone you know has demonstrated innovative techniques in retaining or growing firm revenue, submit a nomination on or before February 28, 2018. Large firm and smaller firm categories. See the nomination form for more details.

    Sales & Service Executive of the Year
    This award goes to a leader who played a crucial role in retaining clients and/or growing firm revenues in 2018.

    Submit Executive

    Sales & Service Team of the Year
    This award goes to a team who played a crucial role in retaining or growing firm revenue in 2018. 

    Submit Team

    Awards will be presented by Hellerman Communications at the 16th Annual RainDance Conference June 5-6, 2019 in Chicago. Winners will receive one free registration to RainDance.

    Deadline Thursday February 28, 2019.

    Questions? Contact

    Kirsten Lovett


    Presented by:

    Hellerman Communications, an award-winning corporate communications agency positioning professionals to win business and navigate crises. Its founder, John Hellerman, and his team are recognized and sought after for their ability to help lawyers and their firms build and protect lucrative relationships through Strategic Marketing & Content Development, Crisis & Litigation Communications, and Social Influencer & Stakeholder Relations. Follow on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.


    June 5-6, 2019

    Chicago, IL

    "...Always the best conference for our group...Content was excellent, really top notch...Great speakers and practical deliverables...Provides smaller, more intimate groups...Collaborating and sharing with my peeps!"

    RainDance 2019

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