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How Video gets you MORE Meetings with Prospective Clients and save 60% on Video Production Cost while doing it!

June 23, 2021 10:12 AM | Deleted user

Did you see the opportunity websites gave your firm before others?  Did you invest in SEO when other’s didn’t and saw huge returns?  Were you figuring out email marketing to keep in touch with a broader audience when others just saw it as SPAM?

If YOU are one of these types of people… then this post is for you.  

And this post is about remote video production and how it can help your firm cost-effectively create subject matter expert videos to position you as a thought leader, improve search engine ranking, better nurture leads and improve social media engagement. 

First off, let’s dispel the myth that video for law firms takes away from you building “personal relationships” with a client.  It doesn’t.  You will still need to meet, or Zoom, with that client, explain why you are better and more skilled than others and showcase your expertise….And build trust with that client in order to get their business.

The reality is that every law firm has seen traditional networking and referral methods represent a smaller percentage of how new client relationships get started.  Which makes attorney video marketing critical to winning new business opportunities….that will convert into new case work.

Some of the direct benefits you will see from an investment in video production include:

  • Higher lead conversion rates from online searches
  • Increased lead conversions from referrals
  • More time spent on web pages (a key Google algorithm metric)
  • Showcasing partners’ human side
  • More engagement on social channels like LinkedIn
While lawyers will continue to meet clients in face-to-face personal interactions to build relationships, attorney video marketing will contribute to the top of the funnel to win new client engagements.

And those clients are on the lookout for attorney video production. That’s because we’ve grown up watching video on television and are comfortable in our consumer lives making purchase decisions by watching video.  Thus, our consumer behavior drives our business behavior. 

Video marketing is one of the most effective online ways to convert leads and build trust in new client casework.  That’s because video saves clients time when they are evaluating you - either from an online search or from a referral.  It gives them more information than reading as video provides visuals, feeling and a connection that text/images just don’t provide. 

One of the most cost-effective ways to create video is with Remote Video Capture, a remote video production solution. 

Remote Video Capture is a Cost-effective Solution

Remote Video Capture has become popular these days because of the quality of video content and its cost-effectiveness.  Regardless of law firms working remotely or back in the office, Remote Video Captures eliminates the on-location pre-production, equipment set-up and break down of having an on-location professional video production company crew.  Thus it decreases the investment involved in producing attorney video marketing content. 

The remote video recording solution uses a smartphone App, under the coaching and direction of a video production company, to record up to 4k video content.  Once you have this high quality footage, you can then include text on the screen, charts, graphs and stock footage to create a coherent business communication.

In any economy, a remote video recording solution is a fantastic way to create quality video content like thought leadership videos, FAQ videos, and testimonial videos because it keeps the professional services of a video production company directing attorneys to look and sound their best on camera.  Thus you get the professional services, quality video recording and professional video editing.  

Any type of video that is driven by a talking head, does not require lots of Broll footage of the location or action shots of people working, is great for a remote video recording solution.  So if you’re trying to save money from on-location shoots, a remote video recording solution gives your attorney video marketing plans the ability to cost effectively expand your online marketing presence with video.

NOTE: remote video production is not a solution for firm overview videos, client case studies and practice area videos.  Because they are among your most prominent pieces of content and deem a higher quality level and investment in the time and equipment of a professional video production company.

Attorney video marketing is about creating a consistent flow of video content.   So you can get started by selecting a few people in your firm to handle the logistics. Evaluate as time goes on to discover what works best for your budget, quality, and frequency.  Once you find a pattern that works, you’ll be able to do the smaller projects in the house. Leave the bigger video projects to a professional video production company.

The NET - NET on Video Content in 2021 and Onward

Attorney video marketing is about responding to what people are looking for. Video content is often the first thing that prospective clients seek when they go on a search for solutions to their problems.  Chances are visitors are going to view your video before anything else available online.

Thus, when you integrate video content into your law firm’s website and digital footprint it will differentiate you and clearly communicate your value proposition to build relationships and motivate clients to move into the signing process.

Firms that avestment. Each firm will have its own approach, quality level, budget and cadence.....What is impore solo entrepreneurs to global companies can leverage video towards a solid return on inrtant is to find a level that fits for you.

Robert Weiss, President of MultiVision Digital, a New York video production and video marketing company, that provides the full spectrum of video strategy, video production and video marketing services.  Having produced over 900 videos since inception, MultiVision Digital's holistic approach has allowed clients to increase sales, lead generation, improve SEO rankings, increase awareness and client loyalty.  Clients range from solo-entrepreneurs to global Fortune 500 companies across almost every industry.  But more importantly have executed successful business video strategy plans for every business objective.

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